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Shoulder to shoulder


During the eight-week training, recruits acquire different policing skills.

Afghanistan’s police officers are sworn to uphold the law for all of Afghanistan’s citizens. The new Afghanistan does not differentiate between men and women. All Afghans are equally entitled to the same protections and freedoms.

Afghanistan’s police service is actively recruiting women police officers, ensuring that protection and security is equally offered to all of Afghanistan’s people. The Afghan Uniformed Police are truly of the people, for the people.
In Kandahar province, twenty-nine loyal Afghan women have chosen to serve their country in the highest and most noble way. They have recently become the first local female police recruits in the province, and are currently undergoing an eight week basic patrol officer’s training.

During their training, the officers will learn a wide variety of policing skills, including search and handcuff drills, self-defence, driving and marksmanship. They will also be closely instructed in literacy, to assist with case-writingAfter graduation, they will be deployed in various sections of the Afghan National Police to serve Afghanistan.

skills, as well as rule of law training in Afghanistan’s criminal code.

“My favourite thing to teach is human rights and the Afghan constitution,” says senior instructor, Lieutenant Abdullah Paktiawal. “This is very important for us to live by.”
By the end of the training, the officers can look forward to deployments across Kandahar in a variety of situations and roles, with the same career expectations as their male colleagues.

“These females will be able to teach future generations not to be narrow minded,” says Lieutenant Paktiawal. “They will be open to different ideas and they will know equality and that they are, in fact, equal and no one is less than the other.”