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The heroes of Afghanistan


the-heroes-of-Afghanistan-1Over the past few years the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have expanded and improved. Today, these professional troops, both police and army, are confident to deal with security challenges and maintain peace all over the country.

Behind this success there has been long days of training and work. With the assistance of international community, ANSF has built a competent training system led by professional Afghan trainers, instructors and supervisors.
Kandahar Police Training Centre commander, Brigadier General Nasrullah Zarifi, lauds the international effort in this regard.
“Besides receiving the know-how, we also got new facilities and modern equipment from our international partners. Thanks to ISAF, now we have talented trainers, who can transfer all their knowledge and skills to the next batch of soldiers. This is a sustainable way to keep our troops strong,” General Zarifi said. “We will never forget the favours that ISAF did to us. Now it is our responsibility to provide security in our homeland.”
The training for ANSF consists of tactical and operational courses but also educational learning like literature, law and human rights. This way every soldier learns how to act according to the principles of equity and justice, and how to protect and respect the people.
“Of course, our troops study how to use weapons and power as well as how to fight. But in addition to that during the training, our men and women learn to maintain patience in difficult situations and use their intelligence,” said Rahmatullah Atraf, the ANP’s chief of security in Kandahar.
“For example our troops are trained to plan operations and do risk management in order to reduce the unnecessary damage. When dealing with civilians, they know how to behave in a good manner, even in stressful situations. Learning these from our international partners is priceless,” Atraf said.
Over the years ANSF has shown their capabilities to the world. The Afghan forces were able to provide security during the elections, brought the insurgency under control and maintained peace, and defused mines and other explosives.
This is the footprint that ISAF will leave behind, and will continue the good work. Every hour and every day, our brave soldiers are somewhere to make Afghanistan a safe and better place to live in.