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Reclaimed land put to good use


School-construction-1The residents of Mazalyan in Kandahar province are thankful to the Ministry of Education and the provincial government because their children now study in a school with proper building. Timor Shahi High School is attended by nearly 3,000 students, where a staff of 70 teachers holds different shifts.

Earlier, some influential people had illegally grabbed the piece of land on which the school building stands today. However, the provincial government took stern action and reclaimed it, and later handed over to the Department of Education. The department approached an international donor who was happy to help with financial assistance.
“This plot of land was used by powerful businessmen for personal gains. Now we have a public school over here, where thousands of students come every day to study,” Muhibullah Erfani, vice-principal of Timor Shahi High School said. “This was absolutely the right thing to do, and I want to thank governmental officials and the international community for making it happen.”
school-consturction-2Shams is an eighth-grade student at the school. He has all the praise for his teachers.
“I am fortunate to have a chance to study here and be guided by such knowledgeable and kind teachers. They are innovative and know how to engage their students. The school building is also very spacious with modern teaching facilities,” Shams said.
The local government, who righteously took over the land from illegal land grabbers, is doing its best to ensure that children get proper education because they are the future of Afghanistan. On the other hand, the international community is committed to continue to help Afghans build their country and bring prosperity to the people.