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Helmand gets military hospital‎


regional-hospital-in-Helmand-1As part of the Afghan National Army’s self-sufficiency, a new 50-bed field hospital ‎was recently inaugurated at Camp Shorabak in Helmand province.‎

‎“Previously, Afghan security forces were treated at the coalition medical facility in ‎Helmand,” said Colonel Abdul Akim Zia, chief of the ANA medical recruitment. ‎‎“But now ANA has its own hospital, which will be updated to a 100-bed in the near ‎future.”‎
Talking to Sada-e Azadi magazine, Col Zia said that the hospital was equipped with ‎an intensive care unit, operation theatre, laboratory, X-ray, dental unit, endoscopy, ‎pharmacy and a fleet of ambulance. The ANA doctors and surgeons at the hospital are ‎trained to conduct all sorts of medical and surgical procedures.‎
He also said that, if need be, the hospital would be providing medical care to the ‎residents of Helmand and adjoining provinces.‎regional-hospital-in-Helmand-2regional-hospital-in-Helmand-3
The recently held opening ceremony of the Shorabak Field Hospital was attended by ‎General Dr Abdul Basir Elaj, deputy commander of the ANA Medical Affairs, Major ‎General Dr Mohammed Musa Wardak, chief of the ANA Medical Affair, Major ‎General Sayed Malook, commander, ANA 215th Maiwand Corps, and the medical ‎staff of the hospital.‎
Major General Sayed Malook thanked the military leadership for sanctioning the ‎medical facility for the soldiers in Helmand.‎
Col Dr Muhammad Aqa Sharafzoy, the chief medical officer at the hospital, said that ‎his team was professional trained and capable of providing timely medical services to ‎the brave security personal of the Afghan National Security Forces.‎