Wed, Oct

ANSF clear Zhari district


Gen.-RazaqAfter unsuccessful fighting in Helmand province, a number of insurgents moved and attacked Zhari district of Kandahar. Insurgents’ attempt to take the district under control was foiled by the brave Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) personnel who defended the area. 

According to General Raziq, the police commander of Kandahar province, the ANSF did a great job and the insurgents faced heavy losses.
“The fight in Zhari ended up with 171 insurgents killed, 73 of them injured and 65 arrested. Again the ANSF showed their bravery and capability. Now our troops can provide full security and meet all challenges. We need to appreciate their hard work and also that they put their lives in risk to maintain the security.”
After the clearance operation, the 600 evacuated families were called back and now they are leading peaceful life, many of them producing fruits and other agricultural products. Soon after the operation, the season for grapes in Kandahar started. Zhari is one of the greatest producers of grapes in Afghanistan and now people can work in their gardens, send the grapes to the markets and make their livelihood in peaceful Zhari.Zerai-operation-1
“We promise to keep an eye on every corner of the Kandahar province and we won’t give any chance for criminal groups or their violent activities. People can rely on our professionalism and self-sufficiency. Finally I want to thank all the residents who made our work efficient and supported the troops,” General Raziq.