Tue, Oct

Minister of Finance visits Kandahar province


Eklil-Ahmad-RahimiEklil Ahmad Hakimi minister of finance visited Kandahar in head of high delegation of ministry of finance and members of parliament.

He talked with Toryalai Wisa governor of Kandahar regarding economical, trading, security, education, good governance and development projects of Kandahar. Kandahar governor express his concerns about development projects budget, recruitment and constrains of contracts.


Minister of Finance met the tribal elders and national traders of Kandahar and heard theirs problems regarding different issues. He assured them that the issues which belonging to ministry of finance will be solved soon and the others will be shared with relevant organizations. He promised that the delay of budget transfer to provinces will be solved and the allocated budget will be transferred to each province on specific time. Minister of finance pointed to some other development projects like Kajaki electricity dam, Ahmad Shah Baba tomb and Omar Mosque to be completed soon and directed to the budget and treasury departments to provide financial support.


Eklil Ahmad Hakimi said the parliament members will be participated in the budget formulation and their suggestions and requisitions will be considered to have comprehensive and reliable budget in the future.

In the sideline of the meetings, Minister of Finance visited the Khirqa Sharif, Omar mosque, Ahmad Shah Bab tomb, Kandahar custom, dry and fresh fruits market and chamber of commerce of Kandahar. He inaugurated the new building of Kandahar Mastofyat else.