Sat, Oct

Kandahar locals praise the ANSDF


local-people-praise-their-ansf-1Afghans around the country are praising the Afghan National Security and Defence Forces (ANSDF) for their bravery in providing security for the nation.

Residents of Kandahar city and the neighbouring Shahwalikot district staged public ceremonies expressing their appreciations for improved security in the recent months.

Shahwalikot district’s head of the Afghan National Police (ANP), Commander Bacha, and the Afghan National Army (ANA) Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mangal Rahat, attended the ceremony and thanked the residents for their continued support.

“We appreciate the support of our people. We are fighting for their safety and security. We promise to continue doing our best in providing the best security in Shawalikot district. The residents understand we are together in this fight to maintain a lasting peace,” Commander Bacha said.

Commander Bacha explained that the ANSDF cleared about 40% of the area from insurgents, but the local people helped clearing the remaining. “The reason that we have good security in our district and the province is because of our locals’ joint efforts and cooperation with the ANSDF.” local-people-praise-their-ansf-2

LTC Rahat also thanked the local people for supporting the ANSDF. “I assure you that the local’s appreciation encourages the ANSDF to do a better job in the future. Staging this ceremony and thanking the ANSDF is an enormous morale boost for our security forces. We are very thankful to the people of Shawalikot. We want every individual in Shawalikot to feel confident that if they see any suspicious person in the district, they can inform their ANSDF.”

Social workers in Kandahar city also joined the ceremony by giving flowers to the ANSDF members. A representative from the group praised the ANSDF in a statement saying the enemies of peace cannot disrupt the local’s normal life anymore. “The ANSDF are doing an excellent job in providing security, and the local people are happier every day because they can have a peaceful life and can conduct their daily jobs without fear.”