Tue, Oct

Afghan Forces Kill Over 100 Insurgents On Outskirts of Zabul


gen-raziqLocal security officials in southern province of Zabul confirmed Friday that at least 100 insurgents were killed on the outskirts of the province during a three day joint military operation of Afghan security forces.

Violence escalated in the southern region recently which also led to closure of the nation's strategic Kabul-Kandahar highway, trapping the passengers at hotels and other residential areas. How

ever, Afghan forces managed on Friday to break the siege and reopen the road to traffic.

General Abdurraziq, a powerful military profile in the south and accompanied security forces in the operation against the insurgents on Friday confirmed that up to 80 insurgents had been killed so far in the operation.

"80 to 100 insurgents have been killed so far. 20 insurgents were eliminated today and the operation is still going on. But we managed to reopen the road for traffic," general Raziq said.

Meanwhile, local civilian officials in Zabul province have said that the insurgents by blocking the key Kabul-Kandahar highway wanted to keep their dominance in these areas for several days in a bid to create issues for government in the south.

"Enemy was plotting to target Qalat city (center of Zabul province) including the main highway. But I am proud that our security forces have given them a well-measured response to retreat," deputy governor of Zabul, Massoud Bakhtor said.

In addition, head of Zabul provincial council has also expressed satisfaction over the response of security forces against the insurgents.

"At the moment we can commute on Zabul-Ghazni border areas, the whole area has been cleared from the presence of the militants and enemy is on the run," head of Zabul provincial council Atta Jan Haqbayan said.

Passengers who regularly commute on Kabul-Kandahar highway have also expressed joy over the reopening of Kabul Kandahar highway.

"We were trapped at hotels, Kandahar police chief helped at removing the threats and road is opened, he also provided us with food," a passenger said.

"I am so happy to see that the road is reopened," another passenger said.

Insurgents retreated from Kabul-Kandahar highway at a time that currently the Afghan security forces are conducting counterinsurgency operaitons in at least 20 provinces of the country in an effort to clear these provinces form the militants and establish law and order.