Tue, Oct

Afghan National Police Discovered an Ammunition cache in Helmand Province


seized-weaponsAfghan National Police (Special Units) launched a security operation in the Marjah district of southern Helmand province.

 As a result of this operation, Afghan National Police (Special Units) discovered and confiscated a weapon cache consist of: two vehicles, one machine gun, one mortar, two SPG-9, one BM-1, 10 radio handsets, two rocket launchers, 670 rockets, 620 mortar rounds, 26 different types of IEDs, 10 hand grenades, 100 kilos of IEDs, 3,000 kilos of Ammonium Nitrate, 10 motorcycles, one local radio station and some amount of light ammunitions.

 Discoveries like this demonstrate the ever-increasing capability of Afghan National Security Forces to protect the civilians from indiscriminate IED attacks.
 Afghan National Police encourages all citizens to report suspicious activities and criminal acts to contact by dialing 119.