Sat, Oct

Securing Musa Qala and surrounding districts


helmand-ops-1The Taliban insurgents are cleared out of their main hideout, Musa Qala from where they used to launch their attacks to the surrounding districts.

More than thirty Taliban including some foreign fighters were killed by the air power of the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) in the northern district of Helmand province.

According to the Helmand Provincial Governor Spokesman Mohammad Omar Zowak, the ANDSF operations are destroying militants across Musa Qalah and other northern districts of the province.

Mr. Zowak praised the bravery of the ANDSF. "Insurgents desperately tried to attack military and civilian targets, but our hero soldiers responded and forced those perpetrators of evil and violence to flee the area."

Sharif Khan, the District Governor of Musa Qalah, confirmed the insurgents suffered heavy casualties, lost numerous vehicles and weapons to the air strikes by the Afghan Air Force (AAF) and their international partners. "The enemies of our people suffered greatly due to our overwhelming airpower and brotherhood with international forces."

At the same time, First Brigade of the 215th Maiwand Corps initiated clearance operations in Khanashin district, saying insurgents suffered casualties while the ANDSF safely defused twenty-two improvised explosive devices placed by insurgents on roads travelled by civilians.


Colonel Mohammad Rasoul Zazay, the spokesman for the 215th Maiwand Corps, said that the ANDSF are executing a comprehensive security plan throughout the province. "Each brigade of the 215th is engaged to protect our people and destroy the enemy. We have forced the insurgents to flee the area and pummelled their plans of terror," Col. Zazay said. "In Musa Qalah, we have killed the Taliban Commander Mawlawi Talib and destroyed a huge weapons cache."

Colonel Zazay said the ANDSF will never yield to insurgents and will continue to protect the people of Helmand and the nation against the brutality of insurgents. ANDSF operations in Helmand continue with success, and the soldiers said their morale is high in the fight for our country.