Wed, Oct

Killing Innocents is Haram


Insurgents continue targeting innocent people and committing suicide attacks. They carry out these haram activities because they have lost their way on the path of righteousness.

Islamic scholars in Kandahar have proclaimed the insurgents' suicide attacks Haram and said that they are prohibited in Islam. The voice of the people and the elders of Kandahar strongly condemn the insurgents for their actions, which they say are misrepresenting Islam to the entire world.
Mawlawi Mohammad Amir, one of the Islamic scholars in Kandahar, explained that thousands of Afghans have lost their lives to the insurgent's suicide attacks because they are deceived into believing that they bully the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. However, these horrendous attacks are not allowed in Islam, and Allah called this murder of the innocent haram.
Mawlawi Amir said, "All members of our security forces and the local people are born in Islam, and Alhamdulillah, they are all Muslims, all are praying five times a day, we have Masjids and a strong Islamic legacy in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban still call us Kafir and proclaim they are fighting Jihad, when in reality, it is not Jihad they fight, but instead they murder innocents."
Mawlawi Amir said the true defenders of the faith are the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF). He added, "Islamic scholars are always there to support the ANDSF because all ANDSF are Muslims, who shield the innocents against the violence of the insurgents. We strongly support them because they allow us to sleep well at night while they stand guard."
An Islamic scholar in Kandahar, Mawlawi Nazar Mohammad, explained how Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran that those who kill themselves in a suicide attack will go to hell because they are killing innocents in the attack.
"Those who kill local people and security forces or those committing suicide attacks are not true Muslims," said Mawlawi Nazar Mohammad. "They show the world a wrong picture of Islam, so I want all insurgents to study the Quran because they will see Allah is not pleased with those who kill innocents."
In addition, Mawlawi Ehsanullah, another Islamic scholar in Kandahar, said the insurgents are uneducated people and that they do not know anything about Islam. If they did, then they would live by the rules of Islam and never commit suicide attacks against innocents.
Mawlawi Ehsanullah explained, "I am happy our people know who in reality is working for our country and who is killing innocent people. I am sure people know insurgents' only goal is to prevent a peaceful life while our ANDSF are striving day and night to provide safety and security. They are sacrificing so much for our country, and so it is very clear to everyone that insurgents are killing innocents while the ANDSF are fighting to protect them. We must all stand with our guardians."