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Insurgents hiding behind women


insurgent-hiding-behind-women"The insurgents and Taliban do not have the ability to stand face to face and fight against the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) in Helmand, so they use the local's houses as shelters and hide behind old women," said General Mohammad Moein Faqir, the Commander of the 215th Maiwand Corps.

The General explained the ANDSF were carefully executing operations in Marjah because insurgents are hiding in people’s homes and the security forces don't want to destroy any property belonging to innocent civilians.

He stated, "We, the ANDSF, are paying close attention to the people's safety and their property during the operations. However, insurgents care nothing for honour or Islam because they are plundering the homes of their fellow Muslims. We are the true Islamic force, protecting our people and carefully executing our operations."

Abdul Jabbar Qahraman, a parliamentarian representing Helmand, said, "The defenders of our nation will never rest, and if the insurgents think our people or our government will bend to their will, they will take that thinking to their graves."

Mullah Shir Mohammad Akhondzada, a Helmand Senator in the Meshrano Jirga, said, "Insurgents lack morale and they are unjust, therefore they do not hesitate to kill innocent people. I have heard the insurgents are using women and innocents as shields when they conduct attacks. Hiding behind women and children is a disgrace that all people understand. If they kill innocents, they neither have religious nor legal reasons for their actions."

The people of Helmand can count on the effort of every member of the security forces to fight for their safety until their last breath. The choice for each person is clear; report suspicious behaviour and the presence of insurgents to the ANDSF.