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The True Supporters


people-supportersAfghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) always stand ready in service of the people, no matter the obstacle, whether it is terrorism, natural disasters or rural community assistance.

The 205th Afghan National Army Hero Corps have the responsibility to stabilize Kandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan and Daikundi provinces. Our ANA are constantly patrolling the different districts of these provinces, looking to arrest criminals or neutralize terrorists.

The Commanding General of the 205th ANA Hero Corps, Brigadier General Dawood Shah Wafadar told Sada-e-Azadi that the ANA conducts daily operations to connect with the people and listen to their concerns. “The people give us a lot of useful information and if needed, we will plan a large operation to destroy the pests that cower behind the rocks and only attack innocents,” he said.

Brig. Gen. Wafadar explained that insurgents often block roads, which prevents farmers from selling their produce and traders from conducting business. “We look at our operations as not only destroying insurgents, but also ensuring that families can support themselves through honest work,” he said. “Our people realize that after many years the insurgents offer no hope. Therefore, the people never hesitate to cooperate and provide information to us.”

Brig. Gen. Wafadar added, “Every single ANA officer is brave and will never step back in the face of insurgents or when a community extends its hand for assistance.” The ANA is a well-trained, equipped force capable of any mission. For example, the ANA came to the aid of people in Uruzgan because insurgents blocked roads with giant rocks. None of the local people could travel anywhere, so the ANA reopened the road by the strength of a united force.

The Taliban wrongly claim that they are not the enemies of the people of Afghanistan and they use propaganda to show themselves as working for the people. However, they are the ones who are killing innocents and bombing women and children.

Jamil Ahmad, an ANA officer, asked, “If the Taliban are the real supporters of our people, then why do our people always inform us about their every activity and the movements of their groups throughout the districts? Insurgents show their true character by attacking innocents with IEDs on the roads.” He says that the ANA is armed with the faith and confidence of our people who tell the ANA that they have a place for them reserved in their hearts.