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trained to save lives


trained-to-save-livesIn protecting the Afghan population from the insurgents' various acts of violence such as the use of Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) continue to train their specialized personnel in handling and defusing the deadly devices.

The focus of the recent training conducted in Paktia province was on the modern Counter-IED equipment, newly donated by the international community.

Captain Abdul Rahman Chakari, the Counter-IED trainer’s team leader, who has conducted training sessions around the country, said that trained personnel equipped with modern technology in Khost and Paktia are now present in every platoon. "The soldiers are trained and equipped to handle and defuse IEDs, mines and other explosives quickly and diligently," explained Capt.

Chakari. "Dealing with the deadly devices was a daunting and complicating task without adequate training and proper equipment."

Afghans in every part of the country understand the desperate and violent acts of the insurgents to harm and kill the innocents.

In contrast, the ANDSF as the true protectors of the people put their lives at risk to save people.

"Besides the modern equipment, thanks to the international community's assistance, and the specialized training," said Lieutenant Mohammed Wali one of the trainers. "Locals cooperation is also a vital asset in countering and defusing IED's and explosives. People trust us in saving their lives from the insurgents’ acts of violence," he thanked the locals for reporting suspicious activities.