Sat, Oct

Helmand’s ANA graduates


Helmand-graduates"We swear to defend our country and protect the people of Helmand and our nation!" The 762 newly-trained Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers shouted in one voice in a graduation ceremony recently held in Shorabak.

High ranking officials including Abdul Jabar Qaharaman, the President's special envoy for Helmand's security, and General Mohammad Moein Faqir, the Commander of the ANA 215th Maiwand Corps, attended the graduation ceremony.

"The patriotic sense of serving the country and the nation in light of the Islamic teachings brought these brothers-in-arms together to wear the ANA uniform," Gen. Faqir said in his opening speech.

The graduates who completed eight weeks of training will be part the Fourth Brigade of the 215th Maiwand Corps and according to Gen. Faqir they will be deployed to Nad-e Ali, Marjah, Garmsir and Babaji areas.

Gen. Faqir added that these new ANA soldiers were exclusively trained by the commando's instructors, and they are equipped with modern weapons. "Our well-trained and well-equipped soldiers have the highest morale to defeat the Taliban and other enemies of peace in any condition and any terrain; day and night," Gen. Faqir said.

Present at the ceremony was Brigadier General Mohmand Katawazi, the head of the training and education at the Ministry of Defence (MOD), who also praised the graduates for wearing the uniform of honour in the service of their country. "The brave new soldiers will join their ANA brothers in different parts of Helmand province to fight the insurgents," Brig. Gen. Katawazi said.

The honour to defend the country and protect the people is a wish that brave Afghans are proud to fulfil.

Mohammad Ali, one of the graduates, told the audience that he promised his family that he will protect the people of Helmand and the rest of the country from the enemies of peace. "I am not only proud of wearing the ANA uniform, but feel honoured in fulfilling the pillar of the Afghan bravery; defending my country!" he said.