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With support of the local elders, education is accessible throughout Helmand


Qodratullah Yaqobi the head of education department of Helmand said to Sada-e-Azadi that with support of the local elders, they have activated the education throughout of Helmand province.

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“Our surveillance team are usually going to the districts for monitoring the education process” he said. He added that with support and consult of the local elders, they reopened all those schools which were not active and children will have access to education in new educational year.

He said that the support of the local elders is vital for education. “I know that elders are keen to send their children and grandchildren to school for being educated. In some districts, we do not have school buildings but with the new budged of the ministry, school buildings will be built” he said.

Haji Merajan the resident of Sangin said the support of local elders for education process is very important but if the people do not help the education workers cannot do it lonely.

“The result of opening schools in Helmand province is due to the support of local elders and hard-working of our security forces” he added.

Haji Alauddin a local elder of Garmsir district said: “we have done our best with the education department to open the doors of enlightenment in our district and preparations have been taken for the new educational year.”

Meanwhile, Mohammad Karim a student in Gereshk district said: “I am happy that the doors of education are opened for the students. My two brothers, three sisters and I, we are all going to school. I think education is important, we should get it and the people should send their children to school for a better future. I have decided to go to the university and afterwards to join the Afghan Commando Forces in order to become an officer. I like commandos because they are professionals”.