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The rescue of a child


SpozhmaiAfghan officials are searching for the Taliban commander who encouraged his 10 year-old sister to carry out a suicide attack and put a suicide vest on her.

Spozhmai is the ten years old child who was arrested in Helmand province. Officials showed her suicide vest to reporters. The spokesman for governor of Helmand, Omar Zawak told Radio Azadi that a team has been tasked to find the brother of the girl. She told the reporters that she ignored orders to carry out the suicide attack and then her father beat her and she spent the night outside of the house.

Police arrested her on Sunday in the Khan Nishan district of Helmand province.

In Afghanistan various reasons like poverty, family violence, ignorance, weak law enforcement, presence of illegal armed groups and wars are behind the abuse of children.

Mainly boys are encouraged to carry out suicide attacks in Afghanistan but in some cases, girls also get encouraged to carry out suicide attacks. Experts say rebels are misusing children because children can pass through security check posts easily.

The Afghan president Hamid Karzai also denounced the act and said that using a child for suicide bombing by the Taliban is against all human values and Islam religion. President Karzai said that children are the future of the country and they should get education and they shouldn’t be used for suicide attacks.
The deputy spokesman for MoI, Najibullah Danish  said “Yesterday a 10 year-old girl by the name of Spozhmani was encouraged to carry out a suicide attack by her brother who is a rebel commander, on police units in Khan Nishan district of Helmand province and police arrested her before the attack. She is now with police who, on the orders of the Afghan presidency, will return her to her family. She says her family and her brother forced her to do attempt to carry out an attack. This is the first time a girl has been arrested in relation to such a case but we have some young boys who were under training and are now in reform centers. In the past years, we witnessed suicide attacks by women but we didn’t have such case so far involving a young girl.”

Radio Bayan asked the deputy to the Islamic research department of the ministry of Hajj, Mr. Koshan for a statement
“You know children are the future of our country and in all countries and especially in Islamic countries, they value the children and work for their training and education but those who misuse the children in suicide attacks and crimes while children don’t know what is right and what is bad, they commit huge crimes. This is against Islam and a wrong act.”

He emphasized that parents are responsible for education and well-being of their children.

“If parents don’t care about the education of their children and if their children get misused in suicide attacks, rape and other crimes, in reality the parents are criminal and they lose the blessing of Allah and they failed to protect the offer of Allah because children are the offerings from Allah and humans are responsible to pay attention to education of children as Allah orders and if they fail, they are blasphemous.”

Koshan pointed out that children have the same rights as their parents and
asked the government to use the media and mosque to inform people about these rights and to protect children

He sees the education of these people by a mullah as only solution..

“I have to tell you that suicide is forbidden in Islam and no one can modify it or issue the Fatwa and Muslim elders say they haven’t seen the son or daughter of any Muslim elder to carry out suicide attack. This is forbidden. Killing of other humans is a crime. “

“The holy Quran says if someone kills a human, he will go to hell forever. . The hugest sin is the killing of innocent people. If someone carries out a suicide attack, this is forbidden as is the use of children and giving them the key to paradise and using them in suicide attacks.”

Psychologist, Zarghona explained that dramatic events like witnessing a suicide attack result in post-traumatic stress disorders.
The shock can not only lead to anxiety and sleep disorders but can also
cause mental health problems.

“When children see suicide attacks suddenly, they may show some reactions like shout, cry and etc. this is normal and those who get injured, they also some reactions and we call it post-trauma cases. Bad memories come to their sleep and when they awake and they resent from the incident and they don’t want to pass from this area. Sometimes they shock with small tip and they are alerted and sometimes they are in shock and these can affect badly their mental health.”

The listeners of Radio Bayan reacted to the news of Spozhmai arrest and her story>
“I am Shams from Nangarhar province. The issue is that the government is weak. The government should eliminate the main sources and the places where they brainwash children and deprive children of education. Government releases those who commit such acts, murder etc. in return for money. For instance, murderers  are sitting in jails and they receive free meals and they have all the facilities. If government hangs them, no one will commit murder. This child in Helmand encouraged by his brother, are obliged because they don’t work and they receive money from spy agencies. Murderers in Islam should be hanged, the hands of thieves should be cut.”

“I am Akther Paktiawal from Kabul. Our prophet once returned two children who were under age 18 and told them that your children and you’re not allowed for Jihad. In our society, people are ignorant. Jihad is a saintly and holy task and you see today people who don’t know how to take ablutions, are fighting under Jihad. We destroyed our country and orphaned our children. You see our people are doing everything for money. The government is not responsible. Our society is responsible and we have problems.”

“I am Tash Afghan from Ghazni. About the child in Helmand, if this is real, our traditional doesn’t allow such acts and if this is real, in Pashto there is a proverb that money should be sacrificed for your honor.”

“I am Rahmat Gul from Kabul. Allah says in holy Quran that if someone kills an innocent person, he will stay in Hell forever and this is the decision of the Quran. Our prophet says that if someone troubles children and doesn’t have  mercy on children, he is not from ours. This is not an Afghan way and it is the work of the Pakistani ISI.”

“I am Safi from Nuristan. From the point view of Islam, this is forbidden because children don’t know anything. The enemies are encouraging them to do suicide attack by saying they will go to paradise. This is not Islam. Islam comes from Saudi Arabia and why Saudi children are not carrying out suicide attacks. No one can encourage children to do suicide attacks. This is not Islam. Islam bans the suicide.”