Wed, Oct

girl-votingAs discontent continues between the Electoral Reform Commission (ERC) and Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC) over reform packages, an IEC official said Saturday that the election management body was getting close to announcing a proposed date for the nation's parliamentary elections.

The Electoral Reform Commission on Monday welcomed President Ashraf Ghani's decree on the implementation of the commission's proposals for change.
The commission said key recommendations of the commission have been accepted by the president.

The head of the Electoral Reform Commission (ERC) Shah Sultan Akifi on Sunday briefed the Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah on the first draft of the electoral reform commission's recommendations – which proposes a range of changes to the country's electoral system in order to hold transparent and fraud-free elections.

electoral-reformThe election reform commission reassured that after introducing reforms in the country’s electoral system neither the president nor the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) would be able to hire or fire election commissioners.

voting2The electoral reforms commission on Tuesday reassured to evaluate all conditions for which election commissioners got nominated and would incorporate changes to the laws in order to ensure neutrality during elections.

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