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Work for what is legal, work for what is Halal


Father and son are digging the ground in the yard and the child bring them tea

Father--- Now that we started digging, can you tell me what you want to plant?

Son--- I thought to put some poppy because it brings us a lot of money. How you think?
Father (on a calm but powerful voice)--- do not think I had time to tell you what happened to my friend Selim. In period when you were out of the country === start to remember
(My good friend has invested all his money in poppy cultivation, on the other hand borrowed money from some strange people.
When it was ready to collect, police appeared and destroyed the entire cultivation. Leaving him without of money. And those debts had to sell his house to pay the borrowed money.
(returns with footage to them, sitting near the land with the child. Old man having some seeds in hand.
What do you think? Is it good to cultivate poppy? (playing with seeds from one hand to another)
Son ---- yes your are right. Cultivation of opium is against state laws.
Father ---- is also Harram.
Grandson --- Grandpa what is Harram?
Father --- (Hand sips through the baby's head) Haram! It means that is against religion.

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