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Be a guardian of peace!


808-cin-gopWhat's a suspicious activity?

1. Planting mines on roads.
2. Drug trafficking.
3. Armed theft and transporting weapons.

Suspicious activities are all illegal activities that could harm us, or our property:
1. Assembling, transporting or planting IEDs.
2. IED component and illegal precursor materials.
3. Transporting and storing heavy weapons (RPG, PKM).
4. Drug smuggling
5. Fraudulent official IDs, equipment and uniforms.
6. Illegal vehicle checkpoints (IVCP).
7. Kidnapping
8. Theft and embezzlement

What happens if you report a suspicious activity to your local ANSF?
1. Our city's security will get better.
2. Our people will be safe.
3. All Afghanistan nations' children will make use of schools.

Be a guardian of peace!
Report suspicious activities to your local ANSF!

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