Tue, Oct

Peace is the desire of all Afghans


Recently, an Ulema conference has been held in Kabul, Afghanistan with the participation of 200 Afghan ulemas and respected representatives and ulemas from 11 Islamic countries.

Ulemas have stressed that Afghanistan was an Islamic country and will be an Islamic country in future. The country's constitution has also guaranteed the implementation of Islamic rule and laws. Thus, armed fighting, which armed oppositions call Jihad, is not a legitimate fighting for them. 

Therefore, the Afghan nation, ulemas, government officials and the nation's elders are asking armed opposition groups like the   Taliban brothers and Hezb-e-Islami to stop fighting and choose unity and solidarity along with their government and nation.

The path on which we're going is the path of tradition and legitimacy and may Allah help us choose the right one and prevent from the wrong one. 

Watch the spot in Dari: